New TiNy version with support for AppC CLI

UPDATE 2015/06/24: Version 4.x uses appc-compat and no longer requires tn b ios or tn r ios but now simply accepts tn ios. I’ve just published a new version for TiNy, the tool that saves you many keystrokes every day if you are using the Titanium CLI. If you have been using TiNy, please read […]

Major rewrite for a TiNy CLI

The Titanium 3.4.0 CLI includes a hack (well, a hook actually) to select Xcode 5 for Titanium SDK 3.3.x and older and Xcode 6 for Titanium 3.4.x and newer. This hook expects the CLI’s build command to be followed by a platform and/or sdk option. Unfortunately this hooks runs before the TiNy hook can possibly […]

The Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain

Just 30m ago, I delivered my talk titled┬áThe Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain at Connect.js / Ti.Connect in Atlanta. Thanks Pratik for having me and of course thanks to everyone for staying with me ;) Information packed session on using @appcelerator CLI tools by @FokkeZB lots of new tools to download #connectjs — ClearlyInnovativeInc (@ClrlyInnovative) […]

Major update for TiNy

Last week I quietly pushed out a major update for TiNy. I presented TiNy in November at TiAppCamp in Atlanta as an alternative CLI for ti build that allows you to use less, shorter and smarter options. For example: [crayon-5845962da35e3903604264/] can be reduced to: [crayon-5845962da35e9944708873/] or with a custom recipe even: [crayon-5845962da35ec493692766/] TiNy is now […]


More and more people switch from Titanium Studio to using the CLI and SublimeText. Inspired by blogs from people like Dave Townsend, developers discover the advantage of having both of your hands on the keyboard instead of finding that right or left hand petting the mouse all the time.