More and more people switch from Titanium Studio to using the CLI and SublimeText. Inspired by blogs from people like Dave Townsend, developers discover the advantage of having both of your hands on the keyboard instead of finding that right or left hand petting the mouse all the time.

Typing less

Now there’s nothing wrong with typing, but lazy as developers are, we try to minimize that effort as well. So we use snippets and autocomplete to code more doing less and Grunt to push changes to TiShadow every time we hit ⌘S to see if our code actually works.


When it comes to CLI, even when you use Grunt, the most brain, finger and keyboard-challenging tasks we do are when we build an app for distribution via adhoc or an App Store, generate an Alloy controller-view-style, deploy to some exotic emulator or simulator configuration etc.

It’s these situations where you find yourself looking up provisioning profile UUIDs (which became almost impossible in XCode5), certificate names and then typing stuff like:


Meet TiNy, or TN for short:

Your new smart friend when it comes to the CLI for Titanium. Alloy, TiShadow and other related CLIs coming soon!

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