It has been 1,5 year since I left Appcelerator and after a short adventure at The Things Network I joined Zapier about a year ago. From mobile, to long-range wireless hardware to a platform that connects 750+ cloud apps.

No More Titanium

I’m at my best when I can focus. That focus is now Zapier.

I haven’t touched Titanium much since I left Appcelerator and have been slowly handing over projects. Since I don’t have any time and interest in maintaining them further, it would be a waste to see them slowly fade away.

gitTio Acquired

One of my most well-known projects for the Titanium community is gitTio – the search engine and package manager for Titanium modules and Alloy widgets.

To ensure the continuity of gitTio and build it out further, Axway Appcelerator acquired gitTio a few months ago. As you may have noticed it received a paint job recently, so I thought it was a good moment to break the news :)

Projects Transferred

At the same time I’m also transferring most other remaining OSS projects to Jason Kneen, the current lead-community at Axway Appcelerator.

If you’re interested in contributing or maintaining a project, please contact him by creating an issue in the repo.

Every now and then I stop by at the Titanium Netherlands Meetup to say hi and hear the latest rumours.. ahum, news about Appcelerator. It was a great ride, but it’s time to hand over my toy cars!

Take good care of gitTio!

  1. Hello Fokke,

    Thanks a lot for everything you did for the Titanium platform. Personally I would also like to thank you for helping me out during some dark days…

    One tool I miss in the list above is ticons. Will that be handed over also?

    Wishing you all the luck with whatever your steps will be!
    Best regards,
    Raymond Verbruggen

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