Major update for TiNy

Last week I quietly pushed out a major update for TiNy.

I presented TiNy in November at TiAppCamp in Atlanta as an alternative CLI for ti build that allows you to use less, shorter and smarter options.

For example:

can be reduced to:

or with a custom recipe even:

TiNy is now a hook

TiNy started out as a CLI wrapping the Titanium CLI, but I now did a rewrite for it to use the CLI pugins introduced in Titanium CLI 3.2. This means you can now use the shorter commands in ti build as well and TiNy can do more magic because it can leverage the information about the CLI options of the very SDK you build against. For backwards compatibility and to save you 6 more keystrokes, you can still use tn, which will now simply forward to ti build.

How I use TiNy

I use TiNy every day. What I like about it most is building a custom recipes for each app’s distribution scenario. For example:

Deploying this particular app to my testers via Installr is now simply a matter of hitting tn mm-installr.

Get TiNy

You can get TiNy via NPM: