UPDATE 2015/06/24: Version 4.x uses appc-compat and no longer requires tn b ios or tn r ios but now simply accepts tn ios.

I’ve just published a new version for TiNy, the tool that saves you many keystrokes every day if you are using the Titanium CLI. If you have been using TiNy, please read about some important breaking changes.

TiNy 2.x does not work with AppC

As part of the new Appcelerator Platform 4.0 we released a new, unified Appcelerator CLI. The appc CLI wraps embedded versions of the Titanium as well as the ACS CLI. Versions 2.x of TiNy hooked into the Titanium CLI using its global configuration file and was active via the new appc run command as well. Unfortunately, I found that it broke some of the CLI, in particular when used via Appcelerator Studio.

TiNy 3.x is once again a wrapper

So, I decided to once again make TiNy a wrapper instead of a hook, like it was for versions 1.x. This way it will no longer mess with the wrapped CLIs, but it will also allow me to eventually re-introduce some of the smarts it lost when it became a hook and maybe even add function-recipes and other new features more easily.

What has changed?

The only thing that will change for you is that you will have to use tn b instead of ti. So no more ti ios but tn b ios. If you want to wrap around appc run instead of ti build use tn r instead. Or if you feel like typing, use tn build and tn run. All your recipes will continue to work. The command aliasses like ti i for ti info will no longer work.

Updating from 2.x to 3.x

When you install TiNy 3.x it will automatically try to uninstall any existing 2.x TiNy hook. You will probably need to install TiNy using --unsafe-perm. I will remove this in 3.1.

Please let me know if you run into any issues and enjoy the Appcelerator Platform 4.0!