One of the last projects I worked on before I joined Appcelerator is the iPad app for Timewax. Timewax is software for scheduling projects, resources and analysing performance. The new iPad app allows users to schedule any time anywhere, analyse utilization, project performance and manage their master data. It’s a subset of the many features Timewax has, fully tailored for the iPad user experience.

Huge scrollable grids with draggable items

The main challenge in this app was to render huge scrollable with up to 24 columns and thousands of rows. All cells can contain multiple entries, each of them draggable and (in day-view) resizable. After a successful proof of concept to see how we could make this work, we continued to finetune until we had a user experience that was booth smooth and intuitive. User tests showed that even with large data sets the app performed as expected.


The app also contains many interactive forms to manipulate data. For this I’ve created and open-sourced an Alloy form widget. The current version on GitHub is not entirely up to date, but I hope to do this soon.

Pie charts

Another feature of the app is to show utilization and project performance using pie and bar charts. For the pie charts, Mads Møller helped out to wrap the iOS MagicPie module for Titanium.


Check out this short video introducing the app:

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