On April 1st (really) 2010 I registered to explore Appcelerator‘s Titanium framework for developing cross-platform native apps. Having worked with websites for 14 years, it was time to learn a new trade.

Two years later I gave up my day job to focus fully on apps. In A new chapter I then wrote:

Next to imagining and engineering apps, speaking and training on the subject of Titanium will be a third focus area for me.

It’s this last area I’ve come to enjoy the most. As it says on the frontpage of my new site, I learned:

I’m a techy who likes to share from what he learns on the job.

This passion has been a major drive to contribute code & tools, speak at conferences, write blogs, train developers and promote Appcelerator as a Titan, as much as I could spare the time.

A dream job

Having read where I come from, I think you’ll understand being contracted as an Appcelerator Developer Evangelist is a dream job coming true for me. Where until now I could maybe spare one day per week to help the community, that same day will now be reserved for my responsibilities to other clients.

I’m looking forward to join Ricardo Alcocer‘s Developer Relations and Training team!

Thank you

A special thank you goes out to Jeff Haynie who proves that even a CEO can continue to code and stay involved in the community, and to Tony Lukasavage who welcomed my early contributions to Alloy, which in many ways kickstarted my role in the community.

And of course, thanks to all my other clients – whose apps have allowed me to learn what I will now continue to share from.

Code Fast. Code Strong!

  1. Congrats! thanks for all your work in the community!

  2. Congrats!
    As a fan of your articles, contributions to open source and helpful tools I hope that not only Appcelerator’s paying clients but also the open source community will have the pleasure to benefit from your activities in the future too.

  3. Het was geen droom maar een logische ontwikkeling waaraan je voortdurend hebt gewerkt door te dromen. Ik ben trots op je.

  4. Congratulations Fokke! Keep on inspiring us!

  5. Congratulations, I’m glad that you made such a move! I am sure you will get the chance to continue your hughly appreciated contribution activites!

  6. All the best!! We use couple of modules by you, thanks for the contribution, now you have a lot to contribute. That is great.

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