On a last minute invite, I joined The Next Web’s Hack Battle last week in Amsterdam. I thought it would be a good excuse to play with IoT and The Things Network in particular. It was a lot of fun and I saw some amazing and creative hacks.

Three partner prizes and overall winner

As the rest of my team wanted to focus on Uber, I decided to give it a go on my own. One sleepless night later, ComeEmpty.Me was awarded with 3 partner prizes and overall winner ? of the Hack Battle.


Prize money for Compassion

Since I joined to play rather than win, I have decided to donate the €2000 that came with the first prize to Compassion. This Friday I will travel to Rwanda myself to see how they provide education & care to over 80,000 children.

The Hack

The problem I decided to solve for the Hack Battle was knowing when you have snail mail when you live in a condo or remote area where your (physical) mailbox might be some stairs or good walk away.


The presentation

The 6 best hacks were invited to present at The Next Web Conference and so did I:


For more technical details see my post on and the story on TTN Labs. You can also read more about this and other hacks at the following URLs: