I’ve just returned from a 3 week roadtrip through central and south California with my wife Hannah and our two boys. Before we hit the road we spent a week in a truly Lovely Home on Holly Park in San Francisco.

Fokke & Hannah in front of Golden Gate Bridge

It was good to finally be able to work a few days from Appcelerator HQ and shake a few more hands of people I’d only worked with online. I couldn’t make Engineering Week this summer, but Ricardo and I went ahead and organized our own DevRel Days. We had some great brainstorming sessions for the coming months as well as our vision on the bigger picture.

Fokke & Ricardo in front of Appcelerator logo

Our roadtrip lead us from San Francisco down to San Diego and then via the beautiful US Route 395 back up north. Via Tioga Road we entered Yosemite to steer towards the west end after 21 days end up at the Bay Area again. It was a journey of many sceneries, lovely (and some crazy) people, refreshing beaches and blazing heat. Every day was a new adventure, many of which we’ll treasure for life.

Highway 1

Some stuff we learned over the weeks:

  • Always check for street sweep hours before you park at 1am.
  • You might find as little as one sea lion at Pier 39.
  • Learn to play the all-way-stop-crossing game.
  • They don’t like RVs in Santa Barbara.
  • Americans like whirlpools, even in a 105F dessert.
  • Your RV might not fit between a Yosemite bus and the cars parked on Glacier Point road.
  • Uber ├╝ber alles.

Thanks to my colleagues and friends Ricardo & Alba, Jeff and Ingo & Jane for having us!