Compatibility module for unified and global Appcelerator CLIs

Since 4.0, the Appcelerator Platform has a single appc CLI that bundles local versions of the former ti, alloy and acs CLI. You can still use the embedded CLIs by calling appc ti instead of ti. You can also still install the other three CLIs directly from NPM, in particular to work on projects that you have not (yet) migrated from the OSS software to the Appcelerator Platform.

Tools depending on the global CLIs

Some community tools like TiNy and TiShadow relied on these global CLIs and will now have to work in environments where either or both the new unified and old global CLIs are installed.


To make TiNy compatible I’ve created a little module called appc-compat which by default first tries to use the global CLI and if that is not available, falls back to appc <cli>. You can pass the preferAppc:true option for the opposite effect.

It can be used both as a module:

And as another CLI:

Get it form NPM: