Add a Twitter timeline to you app using just a single line of code.

I’m working on some Alloy widgets that enable me to quickly add basic views to mostly tabbed apps.

First up is a Twitter timeline using Twitters 1.0 public search API. It’s styled pretty much like the iOS Twitter app and currently supports:

  • Loading newer tweets using my earlier published PullToRefresh widget.
  • Loading older tweets using my earlier published DynamicScrolling widget.
  • Opening mentions and hash tags in tweets in the iOS twitter client.
  • Opening links in tweets within the app using my simple BrowserView widget.
  • Using the view in either a window, tab or navigation group.

Some more features will be added, but my focus will first be on getting this and all dependent widgets to work on Android, Mobile Web and BlackBerry 10. Any help in this area will be highly appreciated.

Find the README and source on GitHub.