Once or twice a year the Appcelerator Titanium meetup group in Amsterdam throws a Getting Started event. We started 2016 with such an event last week and welcomed a lot of new members that were considering or just started to use Titanium. We are 344 TiDevs now!

Principles rather than code

Pierre van de Velde and myself took the group all the way from the big picture of the Appcelerator Platform to Titanium and Alloy, closing with Ten More Things we wish we’d known. This time, we decided to try to shed a light on how Titanium and Alloy work instead of how to get from zero to app on a need-to-know-basis.

We’ve seen that in order to make the most of Alloy you should understand classic Titanium first and get how Alloy compiles down to such a project. If you know that <Foo x="y"> will compile to Ti.UI.createFoo({x: "y"}); than there’s not much reason in memorising a list of Alloy tags anymore.


You can the slides on Speaker Deck and embedded right here on the page: