In 2009 I left Athletes in Action (part of CRU) where I was organising athletic programs for students and children worldwide. For the last 6 months I had lived in Hong Kong to prepare a conference for 1600 guests from over 60 nations. Now it was time to settle down, have kids etc. So I accepted a job with a small, local web development shop in the quiet northern part of The Netherlands.

Travel & Share

Soon there were two things I missed from my years with AIA. As I became active in the Titanium community and later joined Appcelerator I really enjoyed working in an international context again, both online and at conferences world-wide. But as a Christian and human being above all, building apps and helping others to do the same might be fulfilling on many levels – it’s from a different order of significance to people’s actual lives for sure.

Doing Good

So, every now and then I try to free up some time or resources to help non-profits, charities and other causes. Here are some of the organisations I have supported in 2015:

Invest some of your Skills & Resources

I encourage you to use some of your skills and resources for causes you believe in as well. We might not all be able to help out the poor, refugees, sick and others in need. But we can enable others by investing just a bit of our time and money. You’ll see: it truly is good to do good.