I really looked forward to Mobilization in Łódź, Poland. It’s one of the biggest mobile conferences in the area and they have this weird army-theme with people dressed in army clothes and even wearing fake (I hope) grenades. We’d have a speakers city trip on Sunday, drink some local wodka; what can you expect more of a conference?!


So imagine how disappointed – and astonished – I was when on Thursday night I couldn’t checkin for my flight. It had just disappeared and wasn’t even listed as canceled! As it turned out the airport in Łódź is closed for maintenance and I was never notified. And now it was too late to find an workable alternative :(

There’s apps for that!

Fortunately there’s apps like Hangout and Skype, so this morning I still gave my talk, which was an introduction to Titanium and Alloy or Develop Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript. I used a whole bunch of awesome photos by Ryan McGuire and also for the first time included code samples for Windows, iOS as well as Android on how to use our new Hyperloop Module to access any platform API in JavaScript.

Beta support for Hyperloop on Android will be available via labs soon.


You can find my slides on Speaker Deck: