Yesterday I hopped on a train to Hamburg (Germany) to speak at our meetup group there. I met with about 20 people in co-working and event space betahaus 2.0. Thanks everyone!


Rainer Schleevoigt kicked off with a talk about his library ti.markermanager to display huge amounts annotations on a View. The demo (who doesn’t love that) clearly showed it worked smooth, even with thousands of them. Go check it out!

Appcelerator OSS & Platform

My talk was a variation on my 4.0 talks, but shorter and even more from the perspective of our former Titanium Community & OSS users.

I wanted to emphasise the fact that Titanium & Alloy are and will forever remain free Open Source Software – you can continue to build publish and make money with it.

I also explained why we had to discontinue Titanium Studio and no longer offer a free tier for our Cloud Services.

And yes, to get the latest GA Titanium SDK you will need a platform account but you can sign up for free in a blink. Once you have, I think you’ll see there’s a lot of added value in the platform that you might want to consider fully switching over for and start investing just a little, so that we can continue to make it better every day.


My colleague Hans Knoechel got away with doing two talks. His first was about our roadmap for iOS 9, Watch OS 2, Android M and the related Titanium 5.0 and 5.1 releases. He demo-ed a fully functional Watch OS 2 (Swift) and iOS 9 (Titanium) app, communicating and even sending files back and forth.


Last but not least Hans demo-ed an enterprise app he did for Toyota. It featured a sleek drag-and-drop interface, validating forms and really showed off Titanium’s capabilities for apps that companies count on day in day out.