Ti.Connect in Atlanta

Next month, October 17-18th I will speak at Ti.Connect in Atlanta, GA. The conference is co-hosted as the mobile track of Connect.JS, which also features a web and server track. JavaScript is everywhere nowadays, which was also the title of my talk at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in Amsterdam in March. I look forward to meeting JavaScript-fanboys and learn about the many frameworks and solutions emerging.

The Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain

Yeah, that’s a long title ;) At Ti.Connect, I’ll be talking about what tools you can use to be more productive at developing Titanium apps using the CLI instead of – or next to – Titanium Studio. Though Studio has improved a lot, the CLI has as well – allowing you to use your own favourite editor instead and even increase your productivity by using some community-developed tools like TiShadow, gitTio, Grunt, TiCons, Ti-Inspector, STSS and many more.

See you in Atlanta!