New Titanium Tutorial

This week I gave a new one-day tutorial at the Dutch Mobile Conference in Amsterdam. My lovely assistent Jason Kneen and I introduced 10 people to the Appcelerator Titanium platform and the Alloy framework. In about 6 hours we helped hem set-up Titanium and step by step build a simple feed reader for tiDev.

Why a new course?

As certified trainers we already have material to give a 3-day Titanium Certified Developer or Exports training. These courses prepare people for the TCD and TCE online certification exams. Most of these slides and labs are also available open source.

However, doing consultancy in The Netherlands for some time now, what I’ve heard is that developers and the companies would like to have a more basic introcuction. Think of it like a proof-of-platform: is Titanium as easy as they say it is and what does the learning-curve feel like for me with the experience I bring to the table? Why take an expensive (money and time-wise) 3-day course meant to get certified if you haven’t yet really made your mind up about Titanium?

Open Source

Like most of the TCD and TCE material I’ve open-sourced both the slides and source code for the assignments of this new course. As the license paragraph puts it:

You are free to teach this tutorial and make money doing so, but [..] submit pull requests for any corrections, additions and other improvements so we can all benefit from them.

I’m looking forward to giving this new course again and introduce new people to the platform. If you’re interested in teaching this tutorial as well, you can find the repository containing slides, code and some tips at PR’s are welcome!