Last minute tiConf US

Last Wednesday I made the last minute decision to go to New York City for tiConf US this weekend. The Titans (developer advocates) are like colleagues to me. I’ve met most of the European ones in Valencia last year, but with no Codestrong in 2013 and 2014 I decided it would be well worth flying in to shake hands with Appcelerator staff like Tony Lukasavage and Ricardo Alcocer and Titans like Stephen Feather, Jeff Bonnes, Josh Jensen, Pratik Patel and many more.

It was one big Twitter/Flowdock meetup!

Live coverage

We already planned for Joshua Jensen and Stephen Feather to provide live coverage of the event on TiDevIO, so now I as well as Jeff Bonnes joined the team. We sent out a few hundred tweets and on the site we now provide a roundup including links to all slides and related resources.


My personal highlights of the conference:

  • CEO Jeff Haynie’s talk about the 4th generation of Hyperloop about to be released which is 100% pure JavaScript with no special syntax or file extension as is the case atm.
  • The speakers/Titans dinner on Saturday at Beer Authority which I almost missed because I didn’t bring my ID to prove I was 23 or older. Is that a compliment?!
  • Tony Lukasavage’s talk about his ideas for Alloy 2.0, including 100% pure CommonJS BB model definitions, controllers and paralel platform compile 100x faster then the current single platform compile.
  • Adam Paxton’s talk about using MapBox and OpenStreetMap for fully customized offline maps in your app.
  • Seeing people whose names I won’t mention to hobble in at the conference centre around lunch time on Sunday after having tried out almost every drink of every bar in Mid Town the night before.

New York

I flew in at Friday afternoon to have some time for site seeing but unfortunately the weather was bad that day. Fortunately I could squeeze in some quick visits to Central Park, Highline (awesome!), Time Square, Broadway and of course Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Two more tiConf to go

I’m already looking forward to the big European conference in Amsterdam on June 28/29th as well as the one-day conference in India where I’ll be speaking as well. If you haven’t got a ticket for Amsterdam already, make sure you do.. you won’t regret it I guarantee!