Generate missing asset densities

I’ve just pushed an new assets command for the TiCons CLI.

Use it with care since it will generates lots of images and also overwrite existing assets if the input is newer!

The command uses the same smart defaults as for the icons and splashes commands. If you have retina images in iphone/images and use images for both iOS non-retina and Android MDPI, you can just run:

What it does

This will generate missing or out-dated assets densities for all target platforms (as detected or specified via -p). If a 9-patch version of the target image is found, it will not generate one from source for now so that’s up for you to update.

Future ideas

In a future update I want to resize 9-patch images as well. There also needs to be some kind of ignore list (.ticnore).

Feel free to fork and help out!


Resizing images for different platforms is boring and something I’d like to automate as much as I can, so I can focus on actually building apps :)