tiConf Bangalore, India 2014

In 2013 Titanium author and Titan Boydlee Pollentine started organizing community conferences. I attended the first in Valencia, Spain and after that he organized two in Baltimore, USA and Sydney, Australia. This year will have 7 tiConf and I’m excited to be speaking not only in Amsterdam (EU) of course, but also in Bangalore, India!

No Codestrong

Just a few weeks ago Appcelerator announced that like in 2013 they will again not organize their Codestrong conference. There are some huge investments being done in Ti.Next (a rewrite of Titanium in compiled JavaScript), both money and time-wise. With 7 community conferences, there will be opportunities to meet up with fellow developers on every continent, but of course I do hope for a world-wide conference to happen again in 2015.

Community Toolkit Showcase

Like in Amsterdam, in Bangalore I will showcase the rich amount of community-driven tools and resources available to improve the development workflow for Appcelerator Titanium and Alloy. I will demonstratie tools like TiShadow, Ti-Inspector, ti-i18n, tiversion, gitTio, TiDev, ti-mocha and many more!

I might also be doing some additional workshops and training, but that’s still to be determined.