API Strategy & Practice Conference

In March I will speak at the API Strategy & Practice (Apistrat) Conference in Amsterdam. Previous editions of this conference took place in New York and San Francisco. Speakers include of course conference founder and API evangelist Kin Lane of 3scale, Romain Huet of Twitter and many others.

API Based App Development

My talk will be part of the API Based App Development track on Friday 28th. After I and 2 other speakers have shared our views on the topic, there will be a panel discussion with the audience.

JavaScript Everywhere

My talk will be about the benefits of writing back-ends, middle-ware, API’s, web front-ends, native apps, tests and even tooling in JavaScript. You can easily move code form front-end to back-end, have one team/discipline writing both front and back-end, re-use code over multiple platforms meaning more efficiency and less errors etc. Appcelerator is of course a good example of an full-stack JavaScript solution, but with the new JavaScriptCore even Apple embraces JavaScript.


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