Alloy 1.3.0: pre:load

One of the things I contributed to the upcoming Alloy 1.3.0 is the new pre:load hook (ALOY-765). Earlier, the first hook fired was pre:compile. By that time Alloy has already copied all assets from your /app to your /Resources folder. So if you wanted to do any validations or manipulations on assets, you’d have to do it at both locations or wait for the next run to see them having effect.

I was experiencing this when I did this JMK file that automatically generates images for non-retina and all different Android densities  whenever you add or change an image asset. As you can see in the script it has to run on both the app and Resources folder, but with Alloy 1.3.0 it could hook in to the new pre:load hook and only run on the app folder instead.

Small change, new opportunities :)