Titanium 3.2.0 & Alloy 1.3.0

Now the first public beta of Titanium CLI/SDK/Studio 3.2.0 and Alloy 1.3.0 are released, I thought I might as well do some blogs about new features I contributed to or already enjoyed working with on the alpha/master versions. But first, the highlights.


The upcoming versions of Titanium and Alloy bring 700 bug fixes and lots of new features you will enjoy. Read the release notes for more details, but these are the highlights for me:


  • Adds support for Android 4.4 (KitKat), iOS 7.1 and Tizen 2.2.
  • Drops support for iOS 5.x and Ti.UI.iPhone.NavigationGroup and moves MapKit to separate Ti.Map module.
  • Adds ListView Phase 2, now supporting pretty much all a TableView does.
  • Adds support for AttributedString for formatted text on iOS.
  • Finally adds support for the native iOS RefreshControl. Bye bye nl.fokkezb.pullToRefresh!
  • Adds support for text-shadows on Android Bye bye nl.fokkezb.label!
  • Adds lots of new animations for both Android and iOS.
  • Enables Android heavyweight windows and finishfalseroot by default.


  • Adds support to build directly to a(ll) devices, without going through iTunes!
    NOTE: Not documented, but use -C all to deploy to all connected devices at once.
  • Adds support for the fast Genymotion Android emulator.
  • Now allows targeting a specific AVD instead of by API & ABI.
  • Adds support for adding custom hooks and commands, like ti-i18n supports.


  • Requires the 3.2.0 SDK.
  • Adds support for child elements in <Require> and <Widget>.
  • Supports mixed os: and env: configurations.
  • Adds new pre:load compiler hook.
  • Adds new flip animation.


I don’t use Studio, but it’s nice to see it’s a bit faster :)

To install

To get the beta’s use the following in your terminal:

To roll back