Utilities for Titanium

Someone told me programming is all about being lazy. That makes sense, since we’re writing instructions for a computer to do stuff we can’t or.. don’t feel like doing. Anyway, I do like to keep my code DRY and part of this is a growing number of small utility scripts that perform repetitive or error prone tasks. It’s always a very satisfying thing to use them in a new project with often just a single line of code.


Both for myself and the Titanium community, I’ve shared lots of these scripts as Gists on GitHub. However, gists lack tags or categories to organize them. So I decided to start a dedicated repository to which I’ll add many of these scripts over the next weeks.

Find the repo at

Android Menu & ActionBar

A new script which can be found in the UTiL repo is Menu. It wraps the difficult process of setting properties for the Android ActionBar or adding menu items to it. Have a look at the example and enjoy (less) coding!