Rate my app

We all know these popups asking us to Please rate my app. Getting lots of ratings is important for high rankings in both Apple and Android app stores. But popping the question at the wrong time could get you low rating and bad reviews.

I wrote a little CommonJS module to use in my apps. It has various options to ask the user for a review on the right time.

You can get the source at:


At minimum it takes just a single line of code to use. By default it brings up the question after 3 days when the code has been executed at least 3 times. It then gets your app’s Bundle ID from and looks up the required Apple ID online.


I personally like to collect points at places where the user has positive interaction with the app, but wait before popping the question until he has finished doing it. You can achieve this in the following way:


You can further tweak the behavior using these options: