Titanium Studio shortcuts

Improve your efficiency by using these shortcut keys in Titanium Studio. You can view and alter all of them via Preferences > General > Keys or by hitting ⇧⌘L twice. This list is also available as PDF for you to print.

Quick Access

⌘3 Quick Access (Alfred like)
⇧⌘L Key assist for current context
ctrl⌘G Git commands
⌥⌘Q Open view
fn ⌘ F7 Switch view (add for backwards)
fn ⌘ F8 Switch perspective
fn ⌘ F12 Focus editor
⌘E Switch file (current editor)
⇧⌘E Switch file dialog (all editors)
fn ⌘ F6 Switch file (all editors, add for backwards)

Text edit

⌥← Delete previous word
fn ⌥← Delete next word
fn ← Delete next character
fn ⇧⌘⌫ Delete rest of line
⌥ ▲/ Move lines up/down
⌥⌘ ▲/ Duplicate lines up/down
⌘D Delete lines
⇧⌘X To upper case
⇧⌘Y To lower case
ctrl . Word completion
ctrl space Content assist
⇧⌘F Format code

Text navigate/select

⌥⌘A Toggle block/normal selection
⌘ [/] or ⌥⌘ ◀/ Backward/Forward history
⌘L To given line
⌥ ◀/ Previous/Next word (add to select)
⌘ ◀/ To line start/end (add to select)
⌘ ▲/ To file start/end (add to select)
⇧⌘P To matching bracket
ctrl Q (1) Last edit location


⌘F Show find
⌥↩ Enter newline
Show options
⌘K Find next
⇧⌘K Find previous
esc Hide find
⌥⌘O Toggle mark occurrences of term where cursor is at
ctrl H Show find (files) dialog


⌘ F11 Debug
⇧⌘ F11 Run
⌘R Run to line
fn F5 Step into
fn F6 Step over
fn F7 Step return
fn F8 Resume


⇧⌘M New model dialog
⇧⌘I New migration dialog
⇧⌘Y New widget dialog
⇧⌘C New controller dialog


fn F2 Rename
fn F5 Refresh
⇧⌘ Save all