Dutch Mobile Conference

I will speak at the Dutch Mobile Conference, held from June 6 – 8th in Amsterdam RAI. The conference is organized paralel to the Dutch PHP Conference. Because of this, it is focussed on using web techniques for creating mobile applications. Since Titanium is based on JavaScript, it’s a great tool for people who come from a web background – like myself. So, I’m happy to be able to show people how to start using it.

On tutorial-Thursday, Jason Kneen will lead a 6-hour tutorial on Titanium in which I will assist. Then on Friday, Jason will give an overview of Titanium. I will conclude the series on Saturday, when I’ll do a talk on the new Alloy MVC, which lowers the bar for app developers from a web background even more.

Tickets are actually quite popular it seems, to make sure you get yours asap and I’ll meet you there!

If you already know Titanium, then you don’t want to miss Jason speaking at our Amsterdam Titanium meetup the evening before, on June 5th. He will talk about using URL schemes and intents to interact with other apps.