March 29th will be my last day as an employee with Add Noise. I’m ready for a new challenge, starting as a freelance app imagineer. I’ll post a blog later explaining this term further. In short, it’s meant to say that not only I want to build apps, I also want to help people work out their idea for an app. It’s the creative process of making a good idea great which has always captured my mind. Intuitive interaction and simplicity are my main principles in doing so. I will focus on the segment between out-of-the-box solutions starting at € 1000 and established app studios that won’t get out of their bed for less then € 40.000.

Where I come from

I’ve been online since 1996, build websites since 1998 and began the 30th Dutch blog in 2000. In 2001 I sold Write2Me. This successful guestbook service hosted 100.000 guestbooks and was one of the first to offer a mobile WAP version. After college I’ve done lots of traveling for 5 years and lived in Hong Kong for 6 months. Back in The Netherlands I started working at the small webdesign firm I’ll now say goodbye to.

Why Titanium?

15 Years after having started building websites I spotted a new challenge: apps! I began exploring the options and finally ended up with Titanium by Appecelerator. With this software I’m able to create fully custom native apps (no HTML) for multiple platforms. Right now these are iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry (10). Windows 8 will follow shortly. One of the apps I’ve used this software for last year is MrMovie.

And now the time has come to start a new chapter!

More will start to surface of my new challenge in the next weeks and months. I’ve already been active in both the international and Dutch Titanium community for quite some months now. Lately, I gave a talk on the software in Amsterdam. Next to imagining and engineering apps, speaking and training on the subject of Titanium will be a third focus area for me.

app imagineer: “to both design and create something that is new.”