How I work

After my previous post Why NOT go for fixed price? I’ve experimented with different alternatives. The underlying goal has been to offer the clarity of a fixed price without allowing the focus to shift from the product to an eggtimer. After all, as an app imagineer I like to help you both imagine how your app can be at its best, as well as engineer it. Rushing through the first phase in order to be able to offer a quick quote will always bite you in the end.

So, what I ended up doing now is a actually taking the imagine + engineer concept into my project approach.


The imagine phase is an iterative process in which I’ll create a detailed plan for you on what exactly your app should do as well has how this can be realized. To allow us to really focus on the product, I will charge by the hour. The plan will include wireframes. After this phase, I’ll be able to offer you a fixed price for the next phase. However, you’re also free to go and hire someone else.


If you do like to have me engineer the app as well, I’ll set you up with an account for JIRA – my project management system. I’ll send you frequent test releases and through JIRA you will be able to monitor progress as well as create issues for new features or bugs along the way. These extra’s will be charged with the next payment term.

Please have a look at the graphic I created to further clarify my approach: